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Summer of Fun Giveaway

Go GREEN this summer with a Green Electricity or Carbon Neutral Natural Gas plan to power your home!

Better for the Environment • Better for Your Family • Better for Future Generations

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Go Green for the Future

Supporting green energy starts with you! With a Green Electricity Plan from Shipley Energy, all energy supplied to your home is matched with renewable energy credits from emissions-free sources in the United States.

Shipley Energy is proud to offer green electricity to consumers in Pennsylvania, sourced from renewable sources such as wind & solar power!

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Go Carbon-Neutral and Brag to Your Neighbors

Carbon neutrality starts with innovative people like you – we just help make it possible. Shipley Energy connects customers across Pennsylvania and Ohio with opportunities like carbon-neutral natural gas.

Carbon neutral simply means that the emissions produced by fueling your home with natural gas are balanced by verified carbon offset projects. Use the same natural gas, but make a positive impact

Learn About Going Carbon Neutral!

How Green Energy Choice Works!


Pick Your Plan

Choose your green energy plan online or talk to a friendly Customer Care person – we'll help you choose the right plan for your home.


Earn 3% Rewards 

Start earning rewards on the green electricity or carbon neutral natural gas you use every day! Redeem monthly for gift cards at your favorite retailers.


Make An Impact

Choosing a green energy or carbon neutral plan is an easy way to make a positive impact on the environment, while powering and heating your home!


Patricia K.

Electric and Propane Customer


"Excellent service and customer relations. Just changed our electric delivery for both home and small business to Shipley as well."

Jim S.

Natural Gas and Electric Customer


"Long-time electric and natural gas customer of Shipley Energy. Have always received prompt and courteous customer service over the phone...Thank you!"

Let's Make A Difference Together!

Choosing a Green Energy or Carbon Neutral Natural Gas plan from Shipley Energy allows you to invest in renewable power, offset emissions, and reduce your carbon footprint! Whoop whoop! Sounds like a Summer FULL of Fun to us! 😉

Go Green with Shipley Energy!