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Control Your Heating Costs

At Shipley Energy, we know you want to maximize your hard earned resources. In order to do that you need to make smart decisions when choosing an energy company.

The problem is energy costs are really high, draining your wallet and causing you stress. We believe that you deserve to choose an energy company that puts you in control of your heating costs.

Get Affordable Energy

We understand that energy is a big part of your family's budget, which is why we've offered fixed pricing on our energy products for over 20 years. Whether you heat your home with fuel oil, propane, electric, or natural gas, we can help you get affordable energy!


How it Works


Pick Your Plan

Choose your plan online or talk to a friendly Customer Care person – we'll help you choose the right plan for your home.


Earn 3% Rewards 

Start earning rewards on the energy you use every day! Redeem monthly for gift cards at your favorite retailers.


Enjoy Low Utility Bills

See the difference low rates have on your utility bills. Spend your money on the things you love – not heating your home!


Patricia K.

Propane and Electric Customer


"Long time propane customers of Shipley. Excellent service and customer relations. Just changed our electric delivery for both home and small business to Shipley as well."

Jim S.

Natural Gas and Electric Customer


"Long time electric and natural gas customer of Shipley Energy. Have always received prompt and courteous customer service over the phone...Thank you Shipley Energy!"

Take Control of Your Heating Costs

Stop worry about high and frustrating heating bills, instead spend your hard earned money on the things you love! Take control of your home heating bills today.

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